Hut View
Katonah Museum of Art
Katonah, New York

Hut View has four elements: an elevated ramp, eight elevated platforms, a small hut, blue ground covering and strings, and four painted metal elements mounted in various parts of the garden. As a visitor enters the garden they are invited to climb onto the elevated ramp which is designed to look longer than it is. The visitor takes a journey (a very American sort of thing) across a river of strings. The strings and the blue ground covering suggest water and movement and change. At the end of the ramp is a small rustic hut. This hut is built from native American woods-- oak, beech, and hemlock-- and constructed using basic techniques typical of early American barn construction. The hut has five windows. Each window was carefully constructed and positioned to look out onto a specific view of the garden. Each window can be thought of as the frame of a painting and the landscape, itself, becomes the painting. We call this the borrowed landscape.