sound, projections, cord, fans, electronics

INTERSECTION concentrates on the flow of traffic outside along Lexington, and 47th Street. Between the stop and go exists a moment of complete
stillness-- motionless and quiet. Between all motion and activity there is a
moment of pause and silence.

It has become our practice to cultivate an awareness of the qualities of specific spaces through the realignment of the senses. In this piece we draw attention to the sound and moment of inactivity in the intersection and the stillness that
exists between the active motion one way and the other. The ambient sound of motion and movement ebbs and flows.

The components of INTERSECTION make visual the sonic landscape of the
intersection of Lexington Avenue and 47th Street. The black filament column
cycles between stillness and movement. The real time ambient sound is made
visible through the continual vibrating and graphing lines of the sonograms and spectrograms.