Pat Badt is a painter who also makes artist books.  She has been the recipient of many awards and prizes including a National Endowment for the Arts grant in painting. She has exhibited in Brussels, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and places between. Her work is included in collections at the American Embassy in Riga, Latvia, the Ruth Hughes Collection of Artist Books at Oberlin College, Bryn Mawr College, University of Tennesee and the Allentown Art Museum.

Pat Badt's work is inspired by location, filtered through experience and sensibility. She lives in an old farmhouse along the Jordan creek, surrounded by apple orchards, low mountains and the convergence of two creeks. Her work is about process, the putting down of paint through the appropriate handwriting, color, texture and scale.

Pat Badt is Professor Emeritus at Cedar Crest College. She received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

My work is involved in finding coded representations of moments that reconstruct as memory.  I am interested in recording and making visual the quiet overlooked events that make up daily routine. 
Memory creates a kind of compression of experience. The work springs from specific experiences, however mundane like eating a meal, flying, delivering a talk at a conference.  I isolate the colors that represent specific experiences.  It feels like I am working within a very literal context, although I have always worked abstractly.
I paint through a woven matrix of string that demands that I am always on the surface of the painting.  Gesture is restricted and time is advanced in a kind of geologic accumulation of layers.  These layers of paint become a history.  Their historical sources come from specific events and are often included as source material on the backs of the paintings or reflected in the titles.
The act of painting is the vehicle by which I can mark and remember.  My work finds moments that I recover as memory.  Noticing color and texture is an activity worth paying attention to.  My elevator pitch would be: 
       I’m a painter working with straight parallel lines that build a matrix of color.  I find limitations cool.  I paint to create experiences of the everyday."  

Installations, Solo and Group Exhibitions (*indicates catalog/brochure also see Catalog link above)
Installations and Collaborations 
2020 Plain & Fancy, the Painting Center, New York City
2019-2020 Plain & Fancy, Center for Visual Culture, Cedar Crest College, PA
2019-2020 Plain & Fancy, Goundie House, Bethlehem PA
2019 Transport, Soft Machine Gallery, Allentown, PA (upcoming) 
2017 Experimentation/Improvisation, curated by Rhonda Wall and Rick Salafia, Miller Gallery, Kutztown, PA
2017 Edges | Transitions, Arnold Gallery, Lebanon Valley College, PA
2017 Artist Biennial 2017, LUAG, Lehigh University, PA (installation with Scott Sherk)
2016 Som + Cor, site-specific installation: color and sound, Evoramonte Castle, Portugal*
2015 Allentown Art Museum, Past Present: Conversations Across Time
                 After Lodi with Sound Shadows, Allentown, PA*
2014 Assembly, Quaker Harmonizer, Montreal, Canada*
2014 Pig Pen Project, Mayfair, Allentown, PA
2012 INTERSECTION, The Lab : Gallery, New York City, NY*
2007 Lafayette College, On Ice, Williams Center, Easton, PA                                 
2006 Faculty Exhibition, Aspen with Scott Sherk sound, Cedar Crest College, PA   
2006 Kim Foster Gallery, Terrain, New York, NY   
2003 Lafayette College, Point, Line, Plane, collaboration with Scott Sherk              
2002 Cedar Crest College, Lines, paintings and poetry, Pat Badt - Carolyn Segal
2000 Marshall Arts, Memphis, TNRange; a sited environment
1999 Marshall University, Clouded Drawings                                             
1997 Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY Hut View*                                         
1997 Kim Foster Gallery, New York City   HorizonLines                                                                
Solo and Group Exhibitions (*indicates catalogue/brochure)
2020 Drawing Challenge IV and X, Jason McCoy Gallery, NYC
2020 Passing Bittersweet, a tribute to Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights), curated by Elizabeth Johnson, Williams Center Gallery, Lafayette College, PA
2019 A Collection of Lines, Brick + Mortar Gallery, PA
2019 Great Expectations, Anita Shapolsky Foundation, PA, upcoming
2019 Mother | Daughter@m.a.p.s., Brooklyn, NY
2019 On the Rocks, Susan Eley Fine Art, NYC
2019 Freed Formats, the Book reconsidered, various sites, New England, 
2019 25th Anniversary Exhibition, The Painting Center, NY
2018 Black Out, Ashton Gallery, San Diego, CA
2018 Swamp, Hamilton Street Gallery, NJ
2018 Warmer, Cedar Crest College Center for Visual Research, PA
2017 Color: Primary to Tertiary, curated by Lily Wei, Site|Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Artist 2017, LUAG, Lehigh University, PA
2017 Uprise / Angry Women, Untitled Space, NYC
2016-17 Frames and Fragments, Fox Gallery NYC, NYC*
2016 Band, Painting Center, NY
2016 21stCentury Painting and Sculpture curated by Gerald Jackson, Rush Art Gallery, NYC
2016 Short Stories, Painting Center, NYC*
2016 Notes from Malta, Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN
2015 Art From The Boros III, Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY
2015 Pat Badt: Hidden Objects-Primary Sources, Cedar Crest College, PA*
2014 Painting Center, Benefit Exhibition, NY
2014 Fresh Air, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY
2014 Girl Band, Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, PA*
2013-14 Bibliophiladelphia, Free Library, Philadelphia, PA
2013 Bound and Unbound II, University Libraries, University of South Dakota 
2013 Abstract Art from the Permanent Collection, Ewing Gallery, Univ. Knoxville, TN
2013 Revealed, UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, TN*
2013 Fuse IV, The Cigar Factory, Allentown, PA*
2012 PartTime/FullTime/AlltheTime, Lachaise Center, Cedar Crest College, PA
2012 Artist’s Books, Creative Structures, Allens Lane Art Center, PA
2012 Search the Surface, Lachaise Center for Visual Research, Cedar Crest College, PA*
2011 Art for Clearwater, First Street Gallery, NY
2011 Bau Residents Exhibition, Otranto Castle, Otranto, Italy
2011 Word & Numbers, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL
2010 Space and Sequence, Phila. Center for the Book, Free Library, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Inventive Structures: Books Beyond the Codex, CAW, New Haven, CT
2009-2010 Across the Atlantic, Art in Embassies, Brussels, Belgium*
2009 Precedent: A Contemporary Survey of FineArt, Univ. of Penn., PA 
2009 Stow and Bestow, Philadelphia Free Library, PA 
2009 Found and Bound, Philadelphia Center for the Book, Philadelphia Museum of Art 
2008 Faculty Exhibit, Lachaise Gallery, Cedar Crest College, PA                                        
2008 Marking the Land/scape, Lederer Gallery, SUNY Geneseo*                                       
2008 SIM, Center for Icelandic Art, Reykjavik, Iceland        
2007 Paty Eiffe Gallery, SOLO SHOW, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA                       
2006 Some Serious Business, Southside NCC Gallery, Bethlehem, PA
2003 Tompkins Gallery, SOLO SHOW Cedar Crest College 
2002 Grossman Gallery, Lafayette College, PA                                           
2001 Kim Foster Gallery, NY, NY                                                               
2000 Paintings and Books, SOLO SHOW Ericson Gallery, Philadelphia, PA*                   
1998 Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, N.J.                                                            
1995 Tompkins Gallery,SOLO SHOW Cedar Crest College Pat Badt: Made in Japan       
1995 New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA                                                                              
1994 Tezukayama College, Nara, Japan, Two Artists
1993 M-13 Gallery, SOLO SHOW Project Room, New York, NY
1993 Allentown Art Museum,SOLO SHOW Payne Hurd Gallery, PA*                           
1991 Mamaziam Gallery, SOLO SHOW Framingham State College, MA                           
1990 Market Street Gallery, Venice CA Two Painters                                             
1990 Two Painters, M-13 Gallery, NY, NY                                                                         
1988 Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA            
1988 R.C. Erpf Gallery SOLO SHOW New York, NY                                            
1987 M-13 Gallery, NY, NY                                                                                    
1987 White Columns, NY, NY                                         
Awards, Events and Residencies 
Visiting Artist, The American Academy in Rome, Fall 2019
In Response to the Grid, Panel Discussion, BAND at The Painting Center, 2016
OBRAS residency, Portugal, August 2016, August 2015 
St. James Center for Creativity/VCCA, Malta, September 2015
VCCA, artist residency, Amherst, Virginia, March2012, January 2014
Presenter, Memoir Conference, Bethlehem, PA, April 2012
Bau Institute, artist residency, Otranto, Italy, June 2011
SIM; The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, month long residency in Iceland, 2008
Cedar Crest College, Research Grant, 2013, 2008, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1998, 1995, 1993
International Teachers Exchange, Tezukayama College, Nara, Japan 1994-1995
National Endowment for the Arts, Artist Fellowship 1989-90
One-month artist residency exchange Paris, France, 1990
Rome Prize Finalist, American Academy in Rome, 1985
Public Collections
Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, PA
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA
Lebanon Family Health, Lebanon, PA
Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, PA
Permanent Collection, American Embassy, Riga, Latvia
The Ruth Hughes Collection of Artists' Books, Oberlin College, OH
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Private Collections

Selected Bibliography 
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Teaching Positions/Employment/ Education 
Professor Emerita, Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts, M.F.A.
University of California Santa Cruz, B.A.