Dan Flavin at Dia:Beacon
Field Recording with processing

The Dan Flavin gallery at Dia:Beacon has its own aural presence.
Soundwalk, Fountains at the American Academy in Rome
Field Recordings

The American Academy in Rome has a collection of wonderfully aural fountains. I walked from the security gate, through the outside courtyard, into the McKim, Mead, White building to the central fountain. Then I retraced my steps.
Snow falling, creek behind
Field Recording

Early morning as the temperature raises the snow continues along the creek.
Northern Mockingbird
Field Recording

At the very top of a tree-- still without leaves-- this song was sung
Spring Peepers-- Pseudacris crucifer
Field Recording

Walking along a creek I encountered this remarkable chorus
Eastern Towhee
Field Recording

Under a bush a flash of red and white and this distinctive calling in early April
Conn Beach
Field Recording

Early spring at a Connecticut beach on the Long Island Sound
1st Day of Spring
Field Recording

In the Nature Preserve along the Jordan Creek, Purple Grackles on the move on the 1st day of spring
March Melt
Field Recording

A warmer day in Mid-March along the Jordan Creek...
October Leaves
Field Recording

October with dry leaves, insects sounding, and the drone of an airplane...
Avila Beach
Field Recording

Ocean, waves, fishing pier, dolphins
Honk If You Love Seniors!
Field Recording

High School students holding signs "Honk If You Love Seniors" at Fifth Avenue and 84th Street
Home Depot Cart
Field Recording plus

A trip to Home Depot had surprising results
Frozen Pond
Field Recording

A frozen pond makes lots of sounds... some very loud